Meet Big Hack

Yoo!! What’s good Fam! it’s your boy Big Hack. I’m just a man in love with making music. I started this Wav Heart brand to create a platform for Producers and artist. Coming up as a producer I remember how frustrating it was to get people to listen to the stuff I was creating. Feeling like if I just had a chance to be heard peoples’s perception would change. I was right! lol I’m hoping to create a platform that can excel others to their dreams. I’m nowhere near where I’m going, but I have done a lot. These samples on this site were all made by either my associates, or myself. These samples will be game changers as I am putting my heart into each composition. Everything that is for sale will be 100% original. No “rerock” around here lol. I’m getting into the streaming world, and a lot of these samples get cooked up on live so stop through if you want to influence the next pack! Tap in with me to get involved in what we have going on as well. We are releasing music mainly in instrumental form (but not limited to). We’re getting our feet wet with the Lofi, but it will go well beyond that. Thanks for stopping through! hopefully we can provide the inspiration for your next hit!

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